PVC PAPI is an Idea. An idea that a high end product does not equate to using valuable scarce materials, rather through a proper material research and design process. 

Civilizations throughout history are known for the creations they leave behind - from potteries, to paintings, and other traditional crafts. Our post-industrial civilization will be known for what it didn’t leave behind,
as natural resources like petroleum and water reach critical lows. We produce an endless stream of material that goes to waste, including the average 600kg of garbage produced by every Israeli, annually.

What if we could use the aesthetic wisdom of craftsmen like glassblowers and ceramicists and the output of wasteful industries to determine a new creative legacy? PVC PAPI uses polyvinyl chloride(PVC) pipes and other industrial materials and manipulates them through heat, pressure, and sculpting to create new, hybrid forms that both elevate the material and honor traditional craft honed over generations. 

PVC pipes is often times a misunderstood product. After over a 100 year life period, the product gets broken down into small particles and is heated and transformed into a brand new pipe that is ready to use all over again.

It is our goal that by the end of 2022, all our pipes will be that of up-cycled material, and that we can help contribute to a true cradle to cradle model of manufacturing. 

For all questions - papi.pvc@gmail.com | +972 50 333 7808